Important Property Notices

The following Notices Below are for complexes that have current upcoming or ongoing construction/repairs at the complex or property.

For Addtional questions or concerns please email


Alii Villas



Spalling repairs are to commence at Alii Villas. The scheduled dates for 2024. Noise disruption may happen during working hours. 

Work on building D will begin July 8th and will be brief lasting only about 1 1/2 weeks or less. There are 2 units needing repairs, 327 and 228. All common area spalls will be completed beforehand in-house.
Work on building G will begin July15th and end the last week of July. Units 118 and 320.
Work on building E will begin the last week of July. There are multiple areas of spalling on that building. Mostly on the lanai areas. Units 133,134,136,234,235,334 and a few areas on the posts and beams under the building. Work will continue until completion on or before September 12th. All in-house repairs will be completed by mid August.

Work on building F will begin mid August and will continue for about 3 weeks. Units 241, 242, 337.

Kona Makai

Spalling repairs are to commence at Kona Makai on Building 1, 2, & 3. The scheduled dates for this are JULY 2024. Their is currently no completion time for this project. 


Kona Pacific  

Minor spall repairs have been scheduled above A building, A301 and A302, and above D726 and E727 and will start June 17th and last about two weeks.  The project will be noisy at times. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience but do appreciate your patience while this necessary work occurs. 


Kona Palms

The pool at Kona Palms will be closed on Wednesday, May 1st 2024 through approximately Saturday, June 15th 2024. The pool will be closed due to repairs.